Recognising creative talent in the Pacific Island diaspora

Hopenhagen Ambassador Contest November 18, 2009

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Hopenhagen Ambassador Contest is working to connect every person, city and nation with what is happening at the conference in Copenhagen, believing that citizens can help push the fate of the planet down a positive path by showing political leaders that the citizens of world passionately want them to reach an agreement that would limit how much carbon emissions each country would produce. Leaders are shying away from making these commitments, and wants to show there is a strong political will to set emissions targets — which would mean more green jobs, and a more sustainable future for people everywhere.

The Pacific island countries are subject to the impacts of global warming caused by excessive fossil fuel burning, atmospheric pollution, and deforestation of the land hemisphere.  The small islands of the world have good cause to be worried, with sea levels rising to the point where whole island nations could become submerged.  Where would that leave the people who inhabit those islands?

If you are passionate about the issue of global warming and climate change, and the impact it has on the Pacific islands, why not have you say by taking part in the Hopenhagen Ambassador Contest where a citizen journalist will be sent to Copenhagen for the climate conference, to represent the tiny island of the Pacific.


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